My name is Scott Dannemiller.  Several years ago, my wife Gabby and I quit our corporate careers to spend a year doing mission and volunteer work.  We learned a lot about God’s world and our place in it while living with a Mayan family in Southwestern Guatemala.

Now we’re back in the states, two kids later, trying to keep the flame of service burning.  I’m a self-employed corporate trainer guy who travels the country talking to people about how to think better, communicate more effectively, and eliminate the general “jerkiness” that plagues our society.  Gabby keeps the house running, works a flexible job as a project manager, and keeps our kids, Jake (9) and Audrey (7), from killing each other (with kindness, of course).  We’ve been known to take on goofy challenges like our Year without a Purchase to try and reconnect with what’s important.  (For what it’s worth, our book about the experience is available via Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and WJK Press).  We know… dripping with irony.

As a family, our mission statement is this:

"To tirelessly seek God's will by living lives of integrity, owning what we have, growing in faith together, 
and serving all God's people to build a world without need."  

Sometimes we succeed.  Sometimes we stink.  But the important thing is that we keep on trying.

see how others would describe scott

Scott came to our company to facilitate an upper-level leadership program. I was thoroughly impressed by his knowledge as a leadership coach and his ability to engage as a facilitator. Our company is very culturally driven and Scott was able to adapt and morph into one of us quickly. I really got a sense that Scott genuinely cared about us as individuals and was there to better our company. Not only is he extremely competent, but he is also very thoughtful and entertaining. I would highly recommend Scott as a coach, mentor, facilitator, etc. in any capacity.
— Ashley A., Director, Cabela’s, Inc.
Scott Dannemiller was an engaging presenter who really connected with our community. His story of living simply is a great example of what we can all learn about what really matters in life. Our community is still talking about his family’s journey and what changes we all can make in our own lives.
— Lillian H., Director of Stewardship and Vocational Planning, Vanderbilt Divinity School
Scott is an engaging speaker – but so are a lot of people… What I like about Scott is that he is willing to take a thoughtful look at his own life, share stories of the good, the bad, and the ugly, and in so doing, invite you to take a look at your own story as well. Scott goes beyond “interesting” to encouraging, thought provoking, and transformational.
— Nathan R., Program Director, Sandy Cove Ministries
Scott Dannemiller is a breath of fresh air. He is a “new song unto the Lord.” And I love to hear him speak. I know I’m going to laugh, cry, and gain a bit of insight that I didn’t have before. As a church leader, I have attended four separate workshops that Scott has conducted, and I wish I could attend one at the beginning of every year. Whatever the goal, Scott is able to bring clarity to the group for what needs to be accomplished AND also to the individual. In fact, my takeaways from Scott’s workshops are as much about how to lead effectively as how to be effective in my day-to-day life.
— Phyllis R., Clerk of Session, Bellevue Presbyterian Church