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As a leadership and training consultant, Scott has been standing in front of large audiences and making words come out of his face for over 20 years.  He's even been featured on Good Morning America.  His workshops and speeches are known to be authentic, engaging and entertaining.  He has a way of making everyday stories come to life by adding humor, sentiment, and just enough science to show you he's done his homework. 

Though Scott connects with any audience, he is especially drawn to those who are stressed out, anxious, and searching for more.  So, whether your audience is 3 people or 3,000, he is sure to encourage listeners to find their own worth and hear the call to greater purpose in their lives.  Contact us today to book Scott for your next conference keynote, workshop, retreat, or church event.

Scott’s speaking topics include:

  • Freedom From Stuff: Christian Living in a Consumer Culture
  • Freedom From Fear: Everyday Mission and the Accidental Missionary
  • Finding Your Freedom:  Developing Your Personal Mission Statement
  • Busy Is A Sickness
  • Building Your Legacy
  • The Power of Prayer

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Scott is the voice of the popular blog, The Accidental Missionary, which has been visited over 2.5 million times in 2014-2015.  He is also the author of The Year without a Purchase, his book about his family’s quest to go a full year without buying any “non-essential” items.     

His conversational style blends humorous wit and heartfelt sentiment to illuminate poignant truths about everyday life and encourage readers to find authentic happiness.  

Scott is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, and his stories have been featured in HomeFront Magazine, Presbyterians Today, and The Presbyterian Outlook, as well as popular websites such as The Good Men Project, FaithIt, and PopSugar.

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LifeWork Associates is our organizational and professional development consulting firm.  We founded the company in 2002 to help clients bring more authenticity to leadership and increase the effectiveness of their organizations. We work with companies, non-profits, and churches alike.

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