"One family, 365 days. Zero of those purchases. Could you do it?"
"But after I read Scott Dannemiller's book, The Year Without a Purchase: One Family's Quest To Stop Shopping and Start Connecting,  which details his family's experience, it was clear that money was NOT the motivator, nor the measure of success for this family's shopping moratorium."
"When the Dannemiller family realized how much they were spending on extraneous things they didn't even need, they decided to make a change.  The ambitious family challenged themselves to go without shopping for an entire year- and what they learned from the experience is eye-opening.'
"Honestly, our biggest hope for this challenge was to remind ourselves                      and our kids of what is truly important."
"Now that the veil has been lifted, we approach purchases differently."
"We noticed we were getting caught up in the great American Hamster Wheel of 'more is better."
"The challenge stripped away the clutter," Dannemiller said. "For us it was focusing less on stuff and focusing on each other."
"The meaning of your stuff is: How can I use this to do some good in the world?"