What Would Jesus Tweet? (WWJT)

Gabby and I were driving around town this past Saturday having a normal conversation.  My mom had taken the kids to see a play.  “Snow White and the Seven Doras” as Audrey calls it, since all the dwarfs apparently look like Dora the Explorer, her  favorite, tiny, animated, Hispanic TV hero that saves the world accompanied by her monkey that wears red moon boots. The talk turned to our blog, and we kicked around some ideas for a topic.  One of us suggested “What Would Jesus Tweet?”

What a clever idea!

Well, apparently, a quick Google search shows that 281,000 other people thought it was clever before we did.  The same goes for the following:

“What Would Jesus Eat?”

Answer:  a low calorie balanced diet… have you seen The Lord’s abs?

Or “What Would Jesus Drive?”

Answer:  A Christler

But I remain undeterred.  Much like I remain undeterred that a month after I bought the domain name accidentalmissionary.com, a guy came out with a book by the same name.  Dang.  Shoulda’ Googled it!  (By the way, new blog/book name suggestions are welcomed!  I could use the help.)

So, make that 281,001.  I’ll take a crack at the Jesus tweet.

Lots of the websites I visited had some very uplifting faux Jesus tweets.  Most were scriptures.  Others were thoughtful messages.  Still more were in the “God Loves You” vein.  While these were very inspirational, I don’t think that’s the kind of stuff Jesus would be texting into his account every day.

Now, I realize that this may sound sacrilegious, but stick with me here.  I am not denying that Jesus is Emmanuel.  “God with us.”  I believe that he came down from a nice cozy spot in Heaven to hang with us mere mortals.  A perfect presence on Earth to assure that we could see God in human form.

But one of the things I think is so fantastic about Jesus, is that he’s not some towering, 500-foot tall god that shoots lightning bolts from his fingertips and fire from his nostrils.  No, Jesus was a man, too.  Like us.  A regular guy.  Wore sandals like we do.  Ate bread like we do.  Had a job like 90.4% of us.

Or 85.7% in Detroit.

For that reason, I think he would have tweeted like a regular guy.  It would be his way of connecting with us.  Here’s how I think Jesus’ Twitter account would look.

With all of Jesus’ miracles and teachings, we tend to forget that he didn’t actually start his ministry until he was 30 year old.  Up until that time, he spent his days cutting wood and fashioning it into something useful.  The guy built tables and chairs and sold them to earn a living.  But Jesus’ time card never made it into the Bible.  Not even the appendix.  Stories about crafting shelving units aren’t quite as engaging as curing leprosy or walking on water.  Go figure.

But I think this untold story is just as powerful, if not more powerful, than the stuff that is written in the Bible.


Because we have a tough time relating to a perfect, God-like being.  It’s inspiring, but I can’t see myself catering a feast for 5000 people by just the waving of my hand.  Martha Stewart?  Maybe.  Me?  Don’t think so.

But the regular Jesus?  He’s my kinda’ guy.  Though we don’t have a catalog of Jesus’ line of furniture, I have a hard time believing that he would make a shoddy table.  Jesus stands for quality.  He probably didn’t have a lot of returns.  And if he did, you gotta’ imagine that his customer service was impeccable.  Full refund.  No questions asked.

Bottom line, he did his job well.

So often we sit and fret about how to be more like Jesus, and then feel guilty that we fall short.  We have a laundry list of all of Jesus’ teachings and how he asked us to live, and measure ourselves against an impossible yardstick.  In thinking this, we forget that the Savior of the World spent the bulk of his time on Earth honoring God by making really nice furniture and treating people right.

So the message for us?

Start with your job.  Let your work be your ministry.  Do it well.  With honesty, respect and integrity.  That in itself is a testament to Jesus.

But the bigger lesson is this.

We underestimate ourselves.  We get a picture in our heads of what a true God-follower looks like.  People who are deeply spiritual.  Those who do beautiful things for God.  Pastors.  Missionaries.  Monks.  Nuns.  Priests.  Holy people.  They are qualified to be servants of God.  They’ve known since the day they were born.

In doing that, we neglect the real Jesus.  The regular guy.  The simple carpenter who created a faith that has lasted for over 2,000 years.

In truth, we are all carpenters.  We’re also painters, plumbers, accountants, teachers and engineers.  We are managers and telemarketers and bus drivers.

And we are all called.

Right now, as you sit in your chair, munching on Cheez-Its and reading this post, there is an idea buried deep within your soul.  That thing you have always wanted to do.  That tingling in your gut.  That thing you’re putting off because you don’t feel you’re qualified.  Or ready.  You fear failure.  It’s outside your comfort zone.

Maybe it’s forgiving the unforgivable.  Or reaching out to the lost.  Connecting with a stranger.  Giving more than others think is reasonable.  Serving beyond what you think is possible.

Guess what?

That’s Jesus talking.  The regular Jesus.  The nobody from nowheresville who healed the sick, walked on water, fed thousands and revolutionized the world.  He’s got a message for you.