Of God, And Books, And Supermodels

When a supermodel calls you and asks you to talk to her about your book, it's kinda' hard to say no.  Even if you're married.

Needless to say, my 90's self was very excited when our family got invited for an interview on Tyra Banks' new talk show, FABLife.  I think she was just trying to make up for the fact that she turned down every single one of my invitations to come with me to my senior prom.  Tyra's got a heart o' gold like that, ya' know.

Anyhow, since our Good Morning America interview had all the God chopped right out of it (our entire reason for doing this crazy thing), we decided we'd mention the Big Guy on the Catwalk in the Sky as much as possible.  We weren't sure if they would keep any of it, since the day our segment was taping, the show topics included "how nipples are now 'in'", "naked grilling," and "foods to get you laid."

In case you missed it, check it out here.  And feel free to contrast it with the edited piece on Good Morning America, and the live interview on MSNBC.

In the end, I think they kept the heart of the experiment, and we are grateful to the show for the opportunity.  And no, I haven't washed my shirt since the taping of this show. (see below)  A special thanks to all of you regular readers for you shares and support.  The message (and the book about not buying stuff) wouldn't be reaching a broader audience if it weren't for you.  Peace to you and yours!

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